Want to connect with your clients? Tell a story.

T.J. Walker, a public speaking consultant to the rich and famous, wrote about the power of telling stories. Quoting the book “Made to Stick” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, he notes that 63% of people will remember a story from a talk or presentation, versus only 5% who remembered statistics.

He also said this: “Stories are not a luxury; they are the single most effective way to get your audience to remember your messages.”

OK, he was talking about public speaking. But, that same principle applies to marketing your business, too — because marketing is partially about getting your message across.

If you want your business to be memorable, and for your message to reach as many people as possible and persuade them to buy, learn to tell stories around your business. Learn to tell stories that prospects and the public can relate to and will remember.

Long famous in the world of weight loss, (Valerie Bertinelli’s bikini “after” commercial) it’s now recognized as a powerful tool to attract buyers and employees. Direct sellers, such as Mary Kay and Avon, offer a glimpse into the lives of their sales reps to inspire potential candidates.

Why use a product or service? A classic superbowl advertisement by Google perhaps does it best.

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