Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching helps the small business owner focus on setting goals and improving sales. Give your business that kick it needs! Invest in your future with a Boot Camp designed to get results.

Genesys Advisors offers bi-weekly early morning sessions on at our office in Roseland, NJ, or custom session to your management or sales team at your location. Group Coaching is designed for the small business owner who cannot afford one on one coaching but recognizes:

The need in their business
The effort required to succeed
The desire to grow their business

Our focus is on goal setting and sales growth. Plus, you benefit from the opportunity to present issues to the group and gain their insight into possible solutions.

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    As your consultant, we can provide you with resources to fill short-term and long term gaps.

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    Whether you are looking for passive income or to sell your business, our Business Services Team can help.

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